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Fleet Solutions
Industry Leading Fleet Management Products

GPS Tracking Track Africa merges GPS technology with affordable wireless coverage.

Fleet Maps Managing the location of all your vehicles is asy with Track Africa's online fleet maps.

Vehicle Alerts Track Africa can detect vehicle trouble and lets you know about it immediately with activity alerts.

Reporting Access critical fleet operations intelligence with Track Africa's online fleet reporting capabilities.

Fuel Economy Monitor fleet fuel economy and save on unnecessary fuel expenditures with Track Africa

Safety & Security Use Track Africa's fleet safety management tools to help protect your drivers, vehicles. and assets.

Return on Investment for Your Fleet
Add Up the Savings and Additional Revenue

Increase Revenue Faster response times and more efficient routing.

Lower Operation Costs Optimize your fleet size, reduce labour, overtime and insurance.

Decrease Fuel Use Monitor fleet fuel economy and save fuel expenditures.

Reduce Emissions Helping drivers improve their habits - speed, idle time.

Improve Dispatching With landmarks and driving directions, Track Africa helps you better dispatch.

Recover Stolen Vehicles You can track stolen vehicles quickly and easily.

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Get the Reporting You Need with GPS Fleet Tracking

With Track Africa, get access to real-time GPS fleet tracking to see vehicle location in satellite, hybrid, and street map views; review historical reporting that shows vehicle locations and usage; and monitor vehicle location near a landmark or within a geofence. More...

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